Bringing AI to Twitter

So lately I have been thinking a bit about egg-fu; what direction I should go in or if I should even update the source at all. I had been thinking of different ways to implement egg-fu in today's cyberspace. The internet has changed, obviously, in a lot of ways since 8 years ago when the project first began, so I was pondering on ways to bring egg-fu back into the mainstream a bit. One possibility I thought of was porting egg-fu to Twitter. I figured (at least for the development instance of egg-fu) if I direct him to follow the right people he could emulate a certain amount of intelligence quite easily. Of course, I could have him learn from dumb people as well, if I wanted him to. It would not be hard at all to have egg-fu follow certain trending topics and give his unique input in the form of replies and quite possibly formulate his own original tweets based on the things he picks up from other twitterers. The difficult part though, which I was having trouble convincing myself wouldn't be too much work to make the whole thing worthwhile is the fact that I would have to deal with the Twitter API. I wasn't entirely convinced this was the best way to code a simulated-AI bot. I just had my doubts and this feeling that there had to be a better way to accomplish this. So I let the idea receed to the back of my thoughts for a while, to stew.

Then just the other day I was browsing through hundreds of apps in the Android Market, ever curious about what is out there, and I came across something that piqued my interest. I discovered the app LinkDroid, which uses webhooks to manage data. Here is a quote from the app's description:

"Webhooks (webhooks.org) are user defined callback URIs that receive HTTP Posts in response to user actions or system events. For example, LinkDroid (linkdroid.org) can post media, such as images, to defined Webhooks when users selects the Share With option. LinkDroid can also post broadcasted events (by Android, or other programs) to target Webhook (via a background service) as specified by registered IntentFilters."

What intrigued me was the touted ability to define these webhooks in this way, but I was ignorant of what webhooks were or what they really do. So I did the research and found out what I needed to know, but even more importantly I realized this was probably exactly what I was looking for to port egg-fu as a Twitter-enabled bot.

So what I'd do next would obviously be to start outlining and brainstorming on this idea. More to come.

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