What I've been up to lately

So I moved into a house a few months ago, which gave us the room to set up an official "office" room. At this point I have my desktop in there and 1 server. My girlfriend has her desktop set up as well (though much more recently) as well as an extra monitor on her desk for her work laptop for when she works from home.

Her iMac G4 (if I'm remembering that correctly) is currently out of commission because her boyfriend flipped a wrong switch causing the outlet it was plugged into to switch off, killing the power supply in the process. Sorry. Who knew Mac power supplies were so fragile? Or maybe it was just on the brink already.

So, all my computers run linux of course. I have my desktop, my netbook and the server (and another desktop and laptop that are collecting dust right now). The server is actually her old laptop, but she lets me use it as our server, 'cause she's cool like that. We had been using it as a file server already, but we acquired a second-hand printer not long after moving in, so of course it quickly became the print server as well. I did some optimizations on it and added TorrentFlux (you know, for downloading linux distributions) and a CRM suite for when we do freelance work on the side. Not to mention some other minor things.

Well that was all working out just fine for a while, but we decided, being as smart as we are, that maybe putting all our eggs (data) in one basket (server) was a bad idea. I know, novel idea. So I set out restructuring our home network.

I figured, since my desktop is the most powerful computer in the house (world) and since hosting the majority of our data (porn) elsewhere left me with the better part of a terrabyte unused, I could give my desktop's life more meaning by having it be the file server instead and relieve the print server of its file hosting duties. This way, I can repurpose the print server as a backup server (of course it will still serve printers), and that's what I'm working on currently.

So, that's it in a nutshell. More to come, soon enough.

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