Teh skillz

Well, it's probably not as spectacular as you may have hoped, but here goes... I first started programming simple stuff in qwbasic back in the day. Then I got into VB for a while (not long enough for it to ruin my chances at being a good programmer, thank fuck). Then around 1992-1994 I started writing scripts for mIRC. From there I started programming Perl and TCL. TCL mainly, as you will soon see. I've also dabbled in a few others like Object Pascal a la Delphi, I do code BASH scripts as well, and other less-interesting details.

I'm currently still active with TCL and Perl (getting rusty though, need to keep up with it) and I've recently decided Ruby is a great language so I'll be teaching myself that as well. I love object-oriented languages, if you can't tell.

Everything I know about programming is self-taught through trial and error and many hours of man-page reading (RTFM FTW), with the exception of a C Programming class I took in high school.

Anyway, now that I have the boring stuff out of the way, stay tuned for the fun :D

P.S. Oh yeah, and I've been pretty big into Linux since 1994-ish, so there will probably be some Linux talk from time to time, too. ;)

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